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The PowerBug is built with the end user, in mind. Our goal is simple: create a cleaning machine that makes the tedious, back-breaking work of “Doodlebugging” and scraping by hand a thing of the past. Scrubbing grout edges and around tight spots a thing of the past. Going places that bigger machines can’t get to and have to be done by hand a thing of the past. We’ve even developed linear technology for better cleaning. Listen to Randy’s story why he loves The Bug.


Interested in what a hugely respected multinational company had to say about The Power Bug?

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The PowerBug Video Center

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The Machine - Here's the details in a nutshell.

Why Get The Bug and Why So Many Different Pad Drivers? You'll be amazed!

The Machine Front to Back

How To Change a Pad Driver

Why the long arm? Hint-It's How We Get Under Stuff.

The Machine -Techniques

(You will find more uses for the Power Bug than we can ever show here) 

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Using The Grout Brush #1

Using The Grout Brush #2

Tilting The Machine Back

Transporting The Machine

Baseboard/Edge Cleaning #1

Baseboard/Edge Cleaning #2

A Few Demo Videos

Dry Stripping-It's Fast

The Bug in Action

Navigating a Restroom-Versatile

Cleaning Around Edges

Why Not? (See full picture in the Gallery)

Grout Cleaning-From Black to White Literally!


Why Get The Power Bug?

Wow!!!!! - Still Going Strong!!!!

These machines are over 20 years old. They are the original 25 Model, and now we’re on our 300 Model. (These are customer supplied videos)

Only tremendous success has allowed us to get this far.

Still going strong!

Still going strong!

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The Business End

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The quick release baseboard attachement for the PowerBug®can get the floor edge as well as the baseboard at the same time. The results speak for themselves.
With the head locking feature The PowerBug® head can literally self guide along a wall or edge, allowing for less user fatigue and ease of use.
With the low profile pad driver the total height of the head assembly is 4 1/8 inches tall, allowing the user to get under even the tightest of spaces.
This is not a “cheap” built machine. The arm and chassis plate as well as other components are made from aircraft grade aluminum and other high quality parts. There are machines 20 years old still in service today. See videos above.

The Pad Drivers

Once you use this and watch the training videos you'll never go back to the old way of doing things!
With the use of the quick release grout brush you can get into the deepest grout lines in kitchens, bathrooms etc. High quality silica abraidment on the fibers allow superior results.
Have a tight place to clean but have to get on your hands and knees? With the use of the quick release low profile pad driver, clean those areas fast and easy with less fatigue and lower workers comp claims.
Have a carpet stain? Need to sand a gym floor edge? With the quick release multi use pad driver you will find more uses for The PowerBug® than could possibly be on this website. But hey, give us how you use The PowerBug and we may include your video.
Using the standard quick release pad driver allows you to use the pad you need to accomplish the job at hand.

The Pads

With our custom concrete burnish pads you can repair trouble spots in retail stores easily. Brings concrete floors up to about 65-70 on the gloss meter
PowerBug® offers a variety of pads for use. Including The Grout Hopper Pad-another way to clean grout. And use The Prepper for dry stripping


Simple to use control panel. Lift the safety toggle cover and simply flip the switch. Adjust the speed of the head assembly by turning the speed dial
The only maintenance the machine really requires is greasing the head assembly. With the attached grease gun this reduces maintenance to just a few seconds
On board battery charger. Just plug in and walk away

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Distributor Video Services Area

What a valued Multinational customer had to say: (this is for real)

Concrete Areas: Where we have concrete it cleans the white buildup that gets on the edges. It seemed to do this with ease. Also when we have a spill that damages the surface, they have concrete polish pads for the powerbug that did an amazing job at blending in the damaged area. We had a bunch of these now you can hardly tell. 

Tiled Areas:

1. Even without using stripper it performed better than I expected the floor was very clean and looked 100% cleaner with very little effort.

2. I had zero training and I can clean 80 feet plus the endcaps in 5 minutes or less.

3. The machine is very easy to guide it knows what to do and it basically does the work by itself.
4. When we used just the cleaner the powerbug still softened the old stripper and it scrubbed off the floor with ease.
5. The pad gets inside the spill stations at the ends of the aisles which is one area that we could never get into.
6. Battery life is good we can do several depts on one charge.

The Pros.
1. It is a huge time saver, we can increase the amount of area stripped and waxed by almost double.
2. Ease of use, simple I can train anyone in under 10 minutes to use it so on low freight nights it can be used by anyone to continue the cleaning process.
3. It is very clean to use, no splashing of stripper so less to wipe down afterwards
4. I cannot stress enough how well it cleans the floor I was amazed at the job it does, the dept we cleaned with it looks fantastic huge improvement to the hands and knees way.
5. The simple design makes it a long lasting product with few parts to breakdown.
6. It really gets the hard to reach areas improving the overall look of my floors.
7. I have seen an improvement in morale already, the associates like using the machine.
8. Shrink prevention, it forces us to keep the counters clean underneath helping directly with shrink because no merchandise is missed it’s impossible to use the machine and not find the products kicked under there.
Overall it will save use 80-85% on labor time cleaning under the counters.
9. I can think of many other uses other than under sidecounters,
Cash office, we can get in there with this machine and clean around the safe and the tables in there, under the desks in the back offices. In the TLE bay I can clean around the machines and pits greatly improving the customer’s impression when they walk in to get their cars serviced. In the narrow doorways, we just can’t get those spaces really clean and the powebug gets in there easily. It even fits under the lockers in the hallways finally getting to the areas that before only a hand doodlebug could get. Up front inside the registers where the cashiers stand. Vestibules around the vending machines
Around the bunkers in frozen and dairy. Around the poles, this is an area that other machines just can’t clean.

Cons-only 2 issues and I have already covered these with PowerBug
The brush needs lowered 1/4 inch to get under the endcaps 
Lock the head so it only pivots about 15 degrees, 90 really puts pressure on the user

I cannot see any reason why every store could possibly use this and not want one! I can see us using it everyday just to raise the overall standards in our stores.

UPDATED TESTIMONIAL 2022: The cons were addressed by PowerBug with their new 300 model. Now the machine is even more amazing. Way quieter, we can use it in the day time, and is more productive than the last model which we had no complaints about it’s productivity anyway.

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Opening Instructions

1.) Remove card board container from pallet. Being properly trained in the use of a box cutter cut away the box at the base of the pallet and lift box over The PowerBug and remove.

2.). It is preferred to attach the handle at this time. See the website for a video illustrating how to do this. Raise the handle into proper position.

3.) With a team lift, gently lift the head of The PowerBug head up by pulling down on the handles. And gently roll the PowerBug off the pallet from the rear.

4.) Remove the grease gun from it’s box and follow label instruction contained in the box and install the grease cartridge into the grease gun. Pump several times to prime the grease gun until grease comes out.

5.) Lubricate the head assembly with 5 pumps of grease.

6.) Plug the charger into an outlet in a safe combustible free area and charge The PowerBug before initial use.