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It's Multi Use Function Floor 

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  • So what problem does The PowerBug solve? The quick answer-getting where only manual labor gets now or sub par machines. Scrubbing baseboards by hand? The PowerBug solves that problem. Scrubbing edges by hand? The PowerBug solves that problem. Are you cleaning under tables and gondolas by hand now? The PowerBug solves that problem. Are you cleaning the grout on tile baseboards and edges? Are you cleaning under sinks, behind commodes and urinals by hand? The PowerBug solves those problems and a whole lot more!
  • It’s used for all types of cleaning needs lowering labor costs and doing a superior job to the laborious hand methods or other marginal machines on the market.
  • Among it’s many uses it uniquely cleans/strips baseboards and edges at the same.
  • The machine is so versatile it gets where auto scrubbers and oscillating and strip machines can’t get. Again the problem it solves is– if it’s done by hand, or lesser machines The PowerBug will do it for you!

Labor Saving. Fast effective results.

Before and After Pictures

Here's what it does under Gondolas

Untitled design - 2022-12-20T185821.361 Untitled design - 2022-12-20T185850.997
Untitled design - 2022-12-20T190147.667 Untitled design - 2022-12-20T190202.961

Here's what it does on Baseboards

Add-a-heading-2023-01-06T235711.898_custom Add-a-heading-2023-01-06T235652.161_custom
Were-not-even-done-yet-and-this-is-the-result-after-15-seconds-2_custom Were-not-even-done-yet-and-this-is-the-result-after-15-seconds-3_custom

Here's what it does on tile, grout, VCT and virtually any other floor surface

Add-a-heading-2023-01-02T180135.097_custom Were-not-even-done-yet-and-this-is-the-result-after-15-seconds-5_custom
Untitled-design-2023-01-02T175003.678_custom Untitled-design-2023-01-02T174920.085-1_custom

The Power Bug Takes your facility to a new level in detail cleanliness, faster and cheaper. Give it a try and see for yourself. (Or check out the testimonials below as well as the video testimonial on The Technical Stuff Page 🙂 if you don't quite believe us yet!)

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